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released November 9, 2018

Myopic is:

Sean Simmons - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Leonard - Bass, Vocals
Michael Brown - Drums

“Myopic” was recorded in the winter of 2017 by Noel Mueller for Grimoire Records and Myopic (in his Tiny Castle). Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Artwork by Casey Drogin. Layout by Noel Mueller. © 2018 Grimoire Records.


all rights reserved



MYOPIC Washington, D.C.

MYOPIC is a Post-Metal trio located in Washington, D.C.

Sean Simmons - Vocals, Guitar

Nick Leonard - Bass, Vocals

Michael Brown - Drums

3v3 Plat
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Track Name: Earth's Mantle
Fog gathering
Descending upon thee
Cavernous rock
Juts out interrupting
Passage of the morning dew
Leaching in and sweating out
Brow of the earth tired

Lakes of Fire
In the ancient fester

Chasms of
Titanic Stone
Splitting apart
Striated with Time

Lakes of Fire
In the ancient fester

Time eroding and ending grace
Into the Swallowing Depths below
Gaseous oceans, sterile aura
Decaying into disparate forms

Fauna fuses all of assimilation
Exhumed from the earth
All encompassed, the cycle ends
Returning again to stillness
Track Name: Onward
The gaping beast's mouth
The hall of endless trials

Your way
Will be filled with doubt
Do not let
The madness take hold

And yet you press
Onward through death
Searching for
Purpose in life

Let it be no trial
Let it be no burden

Foolish man,
You're not prepared
For what lays ahead
You're not prepared!
Track Name: Husk of a Man
A hawk in flight with prey
While limbs and bodies lay
I let the fire slip away
The ember's lost as I am

I try to plot the course
Nothing comes, direction seems so hard to find
In the night, the spirit
Comes to me to chase the light that slips away

Into this world
Flashing white

Cry out
Into the night
No one hears you

Stone eyes look in ruin
An old man grips his son

The fading heat from yesterday
Whose lives were used to pay
The final path to take, the ride across the lake
Last embrace of earthly life

Hollow eyes and pale flesh
The smell of death consumes me
Enter the chasm once more
Trapped to never leave again

Tumultuous rain discharges from above me
Leaves my body swollen and bruised

I’ve awoken to feed and feast again
On the rubble of tattered visions you’ve left behind

Yet you strive
And yet you strive
To find meaning

Suffering pale
Husk of a man
Fight against your death
Track Name: In Exile
Turning of the Tides
Brought me here
I must remain In Exile
Into the Storm wind carries
To the place where I
Knew the Soil

Born into a world with no
Intimate touch, tenderness
With no out
Summon the Will

Swaths of blood, rising from
My cave is a womb of pain
Far from here
Cry of an eagle

Coming to
Gasp for Breath
Rising from my shell

Awakened again
Into the Mist
The world coming into view

Follow the path I've seen in dreams
Leads me to ruptured earth lies before me

Enter the mist, set aside

Peering unto the Vista
All before me in ruins

Notions of your security

Time will break you
Into pieces

Trials lay before me
I am not prepared
Just as I thought

You Weak Man

Hopeless, alone
Crying out for help
Fear is weakness

Shelter me from decay - protect me from the dark
Sanity, sanity lights the fire

Time will break you
I won’t be fractured
Into pieces
This won’t be my end
Track Name: Pillars of Time
Born Alone
Of blood and cave
Feeds on the dreams of man

The raven picks from what it kills
Sifting through your thoughts
Scavenger informs the sun

Pillars of time rise in the arid sea
There will be no, no reprieve

Arise serpents
From the fallow to the mating ground
The fertile seed of the war machine
The useless husk of ancient apathy
A careful shell whose frail bones bend no more

Pillars of time rise in the arid sea
There will be no, no reprieve
From the blistering rain
My skin peels
Leaving charred bones

Walking through the final door
Relive the past
To feel your heat
Once again

I ascend
Seeking life to consume
Track Name: Swallowing Depths
Forced through the cracks
Malformed creation
Strains to unbind
Wretched and unwanted

Rays of gold
Stream down
A silver tongue
Leads the way

Damp cold walls
Fluid seeps through
From deep within
Echoes of gnashing teeth

No one guards the empty throne
Powerless, vacant halls

The prism refracts and separates
The streams of conscious thought
Towards the crumbling facade
Until all is wiped clean

Emerging from diffraction
Into wavelength dispersing
Parting clouds revealing
Primeval monolith

Erected as the setting sun
Erases my body
An ever collapsing galaxy
Consumes till nothing’s left
Track Name: Resting Place
Sun beams lay
On the still water
Shining black, mouth of the cave
I washed ashore

Returned from where we came
Alone and naked into blackness

Floating on the surface,
Reflects the pale flesh and lifeless eyes

Expanding in the sun
Fetid aromas, encrusted brine

My body lies cold and still
Upon the gray sand of the shore
The mirror-like water
Reflects my memory

Returned from where we came

I’ll float forever in this bog
Never to pass on
Trapped by ancient walls
Enslaved by my own crimes

The sun is gone
The mirror cracked
I’ll die alone
Don't pity my fate

Calling me
The sound of
The void