Crawling Mountain Apogee




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released October 8, 2014

Myopic is:

Sean Simmons - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Leonard - Bass, Vocals
Michael Brown - Drums

Torrid Husk is:

Tyler Collins - Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Blanton - Bass/Synth
Tony Cordone - Drums

"Crawling Mountain Apogee" was recorded on May 3rd and June 28th of 2014 by Noel Mueller for Grimoire Records. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Illustrations by Brandon Geurts.


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MYOPIC Washington, D.C.

MYOPIC is a Post-Metal trio located in Washington, D.C.

Sean Simmons - Vocals, Guitar

Nick Leonard - Bass, Vocals

Michael Brown - Drums

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Track Name: Unction in Passing
Bored of all possessions
A cry from a human is howling

In dwelling: woe croons an answer
Beckoning to you
To enter a séance and learn
What comes before and after

A carried ascension to farse
Unction in passing

A change comes from the body,
Soil envelops the facade, to cleanse the encased
Track Name: Remembrance
All consuming fire: breaking down into constituent parts
Life force dwindling: nullification of this mortal form

Absorb yourself in meaningless trivial despair, collocate the lost
A cerebral commotion, the avalanche of pain lost its momentum

Tentative whispers sound submission to listless bonds
Growing discord in the light of empathy breaks down walls
Crumbling into earth

Bleed away the weight around your neck
A discarded tissue that tore your thought

A movement from remembrance: the catalyst of cessation